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I messed up badly
Okay since this is anynomous I guess I can be honest. I have told girls I love them but most of the time to hear that they love me not because I felt it. I broke a lot of girls hearts and fought to get them back because I can,t stand losing people. Well this one girl in my graduating class dated a lot of my friends. I never really paid much attention to her. Then one night we kissed. We had a falling out and all of a sudden we started talking again and about a month or two later we started dating. Now I never truly fall for a girl because my defense is always up. But I fell for this girl. And we would fight. So I acted liek an asshole. Completly destroyed her. And made her cry constantly. I am not proud of this. If I could do it all over I would change it. She is the only girl to make my heart beat faster and my knees weak (literally) She literally takes my breath away with her smile. But we both made big mistakes. And I know I should let her go because what she did I can,t forgive. I know I should because it gives her power over me. I went crazy when we broke up. she,ll always have a piece of my heart. But I,m praying everynight I get over her. I wish her nothing but the best. She,s a great girl. Even if she has done some bad stuff to me. Everyone makes mistakes. Anyways. That,s my story. Guys for real actin like a hardass isn,t nice. I mean don,t be all lovey dovey all the time and clingy but be nice and chill. Don,t be an asshole. Even if she deserves it just let it slide. If you need to break up tell her you,ll be there if she needs you. Let go and wish her the best of luck. I need to take my own advice because I can,t let go. She,s my 1st and only true love. As a guy who never lets anyone get close. I mean I have tried to let people close I even tried with her and she was the closest one to my heart. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Well pray for me that ill move on. Because I do see her a lot. So pray it will be soon. Thanks everyone

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