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Dont Give him up
Sometimes we feel lonely if we are single and see our friends with bfs or you are in a long distance relationship, or perhaps you befriend your Ex but what you really wanted was to be together again and miss that time when you were so close and cuddling together, no matter of these, as long as you can endure the obstacles, see the positives in each other and respect one another, make sure you never give up, for the best relationships come from a stronger will and paitence that you can endure for ht sake of being togethere forever...dont worry about the girls that get every guy, just go for the one you really want most and work things out together and you will have real happyness, not one-night stands, you will win real love, not lust with meaniningless countless bfs....and try not to let any other girls get in your way, if you truly love him, you cant let that obnoxious boyhogger take him away, just dont get obbsessive with it, tell him how you feel in a respectful way and say how you think its rite that you two should stay...and if he does something wrong, dont it out calmly and try to understand, this way he can trust you and tell him that no matter if he makes a mistake or two, depending on what it is of course, that you still love him and wont dump him becaouse of one thing..cause this way, if you really love can help him with it, while respecting his space...but if he's one that has cheated more than once, i say he needs to be taught a lesson on how it makes you feel and how insenseitive that can make lecture up yourself, just dont make him run off and not talk to you anymore unless you really feel you dont want him no more.

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