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sometimes when I feel like teasing my boyfriend when I am sitting next to him or in his lap I will lay my head on his shoulder and put my hand on his shoulder and breath kind of hard(not like your choking)when you feel his head move to look down and see what your doing, look up at him with an innocent look for a few seconds he will be wanting a kiss and just barely kiss him then put your head back on his shoulder and wrap you arms around his neck and breath slightly hard. He will be turned on by your breathing and want more. If you want to give him more move your self in front of him and sit on him if your already not on him (straddle him) and keep your arms around his neck and lean foward and look down. Then he will lean his face up and kiss you. Run your fingers through his hair and kiss him soft at first then pull back (with your hands still in his hair or on his cheeks)and look him in they eye for a second then kiss him like you mean it. If you want to tease him big time once you get real in to it just stop and pull back breath hard then just put your head back on his chest and breath hard again. He will be SO TURNED ON AND WANTING MORE!!! IT WORKS MY FRIENDS DID THE SAME THING AND HER BOYFRIEND LOVED IT! (SORRY IT WAS LONG )

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