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Love Poems - User Submitted
Every day of my life, I see beauty around me The smile of a child, a new dawn, even a tree But the most beautiful thing is you All objects coloured sky-blue are beautiful too , a dolphin in the sea green landscapes, millions of birds flying free But the most beautiful thing is you Your hair, your eyes and even your tattoo's Looking at your pic when you were a little girl anyone would say -this child fell from Heaven- Years go by and you still keep such childish smile when i met you at the apartments, your cute face caught my eye Beautiful is your mind, and also your heart your feelings, thoughts, your fingers holding that glass Beauty is to see you happy, instead of sad moving forward and not looking back Beautiful are the tears you have shed for me they say more than all words on a paper could be You are full of beauty, but beautiful is too the unconditional love I deeply feel for you baby I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW an im sorry for making you mad at me i hope you for give me i just have a lot on my mind an want to talk to get it out but you wont so i really hope we can talk about wats on my mind couse baby i love you wit all my heart an soul more than words can say

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