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getting to know a guy
If the guy you like is popular and you arent as popular then start by giving him a little smile now and then & maybe, as time goes by, talk to him .. just say 'hi' or ask him a question. I find it easier to talk to a guy i have a crush on when im in a group conversation, so you can talk, but not directly to him .. this way, he will get to know more about your personality, wether your funny, smart or boring. If you want to talk directly to him, then ask him a question about school work e.g. 'what was the homework?' or talk about teachers, the ones you like or dont like. Dont get too bitchy though, they dont like it when you take it too far. Once you have got to know him abit better, play around with him! Poke him on the arm when your walking past him in the corridor then when he turns to look at you, give a cheeky smile! Or when your hanging out with your friends and he just happens to be there, suggest to play a game of football or rugby, this will give you a chance to get close to him ;) DONT LET HIM THINK YOUR EASY & MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MINT BEFORE TALKING TO HIM! You wont want to scare him away ;)

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