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Love will always find a way!
I believe very strongely that no matter who's fault it is, If it was meant to be it will come back to you.. always! Even if it's years, it will always find a way to come back. I always remember that ''Fate can move mountains, Love will always find a way and everything happens for a reason'' Everthing will click into place, everything will make sense soon even if it doesnt now. I think you just have to be patient, believe and NEVER EVER give up one somebody you carnt go a day without thinking about. I read a tip on here saying, ''i know hes the one because every other guy i kiss doesnt feel right.. the only kiss which does feel right is from him''. That is so true, That one kiss what makes you feel all funny inside and feels so special thats the person you don't want to let go! When you're feeling down i think it's good to remember that, ''Life is full of mysteries, and has ALOT of amazing surprises ahead of you'' And i also believe you're never too young to fall in love, Love doesnt have a age limit. So never think you're too old or too young to experience such a strong feeling like love. I know i've found the one for me because he completes me and i know he knows that i complete him too.. So im not gunna give up, and if you've just read this and thought about that one person, DON'T GIVE UP! You're patience will pay off i promise! :) xxxxx - The past is behind you, learn from it. The future is ahead prepare for it and the present is here is so live it! -

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