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the one thing you really need to
hopefully by this time you have had a relationship or several relationships. i came across this page because i met someone who i truly think will be worth the chase. if that is your case try this. start out with a friendship, if you came across her through a hook up or anything of that sort this advice will be a little difficult for you to try. here it is. Honesty. truly that is all you need to make her feel spacial, love, cared, all those...and din the making it will allow you to realize whether she is worth it or not. a girl should always like you for what you are. little by little let her in on your thoughts and ideas, EVEN IF YOU KNOW SHE WILL DISAGREE. you will have nothing to lie and nothing to cover later on afterward. no matter how remote or crazy it is, let her know. the crazy the better...girls like spontaneous (just dont creep her out like questions such as: 'have you ever thought of killing?'). try to be honest at all times, specially when you are getting to know each other. i am trying this right now and amazingly ive discovered that this girl is honest and you will never go wrong.

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