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How to french kiss !!!
Okay firstly if you a beginner or professional we all need that extra boost... For first-timers, dont be afraid.. Kissing comes naturally, go with the flow. If that's too heavy than here's what you should do.... 1.Make sure your lips aint dry nor sloppy. Just a slight brush with your tongue would make it moist enough. 2.Get in position. Tilt your head to the right and let ur partner do the same because you don't want your noses getting in the way now do you.. 3.Gaze in ur partner's eyes as you approaching for the kiss. 4.Sandwich your lips with ur partner's. Thn give him/her a normal peck than if you want to go further... You brush your tongue against your partner's lips but not too hard! This should give them the picture... 5.If they don't respond in any way than i suggest you end the kiss but..... 6.If they do respond than you just lick the tip of their tongue with the tip of your's, rub it, massage it, circle the tip of their tongue. Whatever make's you feel comfortable 7.But whatever you do, dont let your tongue just sit their and do nothing as if you lost! 8.While ending the kiss.. 9.Don't pull fast away as if you were disgusted by it!! 10.Look in your partner'r eyes and smile... REMEMBER PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

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