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Should I...
Caraímia, Should I keep on loving you, Should I continue to care? Should I keep longing, To smell your hair? Should I fritter each passing day, Thinking of you in every way? Should my heart smoulder amid desire, To hold you close forever? You left me and now I am but one, Fearing the harm cannot be undone. Iíve made you miserable and sad, The pain I cause is driving me mad. I know I should give you space and time, Instead of calling or this lame rhyme. Laugh if you so must, Just know my heart has turned to dust. The other day I took a walk, To myself I began to talk. I ended up where we first sat, In the old port, you remember that? It was crowded, People everywhere, Yet our bench was empty, So I sat there. I thought of the conversations That we shared, And how I loved you Right then and there. I then gazed at the vessel, Our first big date as a couple. And I saw that famous window, Steam covered I wrote I love you. That was the first time I spoke my heart, You replied your equal part. I remember feeling so free, When you replied you love me. That was a happy day, Forever it will stay. The first time I felt true love, You were like an angel from above. As I stood there still watching, Seeing us romanticizing. At that moment, I knew what I lost And now, my sufferance is the cost. We had many happy days, We showed our love in many ways. By the rock where we first kissed, Your tender lips I do so miss. I have failed to convey, My appreciation in your ways. I neglected you I know, My love I failed to show. I know what I must do, To change your heart so blue. To show you that I'm true, When I say, Cara'mia I love you. As I walked away from the port, I felt empty and erased. I turned back to look once more, Hoping to see you face. I'm sorry for what I've done, Or the lack there of. Your love was like a dove, And away it flew above. Time will only tell, If this painful spell, Will break the depth of hell, And bring back my loving angel. I miss you with every cell in my heart, It's so painful to be apart, I'll love you with each passing year, Even with my heart filled with tears... I'll love you forever Cara'mia..... Angelo xxxx

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