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Take care
My ex broke up with me two and a half months ago after a 2 year relationship. It was the darkest time of my life. I tried all the tips people have been giving here, the whole ignore him and he'll eventually drift back to you. I tried that for a month thinking that he's going to come back to me, he didn't. I kept thinking to myself that he used to be someone who would do anything for me without hesitation, someone who told me he loved me everyday, so it canít be possible that this break up is the end of 'Us'. I held on to that thought thinking that he's on his way back to me any moment now, but instead he's slowly moving away, moving on with his life. (Games usually wont work when such a serious decision has been made, unless they are fickle minded, and you wont want to go out with a fickle minded person anyway) So girls, start loving yourself and stop hoping that he'll come back to you. Go out there and meet new friends and expose yourself to a whole heap of different personalities, you don't have to date, just experience life without being committed to someone. I know itís easier said than done, because I'm going through it right now, I'm still missing him but I know there are better people out there who would never want to hurt me the way he has. I called him yesterday to see how he was going, and he's doing great, he has filled the gap I left in his life with other things and he's happy, he even told me he's firm on his decision to leave me (what a bastard). There I was thinking about him every second of the day when he was finding happiness elsewhere. Keep a journal, cry yourself silly, change your daily routing around (since he's not in it anymore), list advantages of not being with him, gym, hairdressers, do whatever it takes to HELP YOURSELF and take care of yourself. Just don't think about him anymore, who cares about what he's doing or thinking, it's YOU time. Girls, don't waste your time waiting on someone who has hurt you, no one is worth that much of your time, especially if they were willing to throw away all you had together. Think of how independent and strong you were before getting together with him, STAY STRONG! Share your love with friends and family who will never hurt you and will love you unconditionally, don't waste any of the precious love you have within you on someone who won't appreciate it! Good luck girls :), we will make it though. *if youíre a guy reading this, swap the genders around ;) girl/guy, you get what I mean.

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