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How to get and keep a girl
How 2 Get a Girl (( Relationship )) The list for this is simple. Be yourself for starters, but if thatís not working for you, at least say something to her. Youíll never know what you could and possibly might have had if you donít make that first step. Find anything to talk about that can evolve into a conversation that wonít end with you getting cursed out or going to jail. Compliments are always a guaranteed ice-breaker. Make her smile. Easy as it sounds, you can never go wrong with jokes unless they arenít funny or theyíre already played out. Last time Iím going to say this, compliments are always good. Convince her youíre not the average guy that just wants to be wit her for all the wrong reasons. (( If you are going after her for the wrong reasons then by all means live your life but at the eventually ďwhat goes around comes around.Ē )) How 2 Keep a Girl (( Relationship )) Entertainment There is no excuse for being with a girl and being bored. This doesnít take much. For starters you could, I donít know, ďTALK TO HER.Ē Being with a girl isnít rocket science, My favorite method for things to do when I donít feel like being out is to kick back and watch a movie or have an in depth conversation. Obviously this method wonít work if you canít talk to her so Iím only going to say this once. If you JUST MEET a girl or itís first date or w/e the situation is and you have nothing to talk about, show that youíre interested in her, Ask about her likes and dislikes, her favorite movie and music, you know where Iím going with this. Find out what she likes to do for fun that way if you have any chance at a second date you already have some ideas for her to have a good time. Talking on the phone If youíre going to talk on the phone, please have something to talk about. They might be bored, but listening to you breathe is just annoying. Make a list of something to talk about if talking to girls doesnít come natural for you. If the girl is the one not talking then find something for the both of you to talk about. Once again Iím going to say this ďLikes and Dislikes.Ē Find something you have in common and run with it. Itís always good to have something to talk about because a lot of people struggle with this. Honesty & Jealousy (( Relationship )) Iím always against being in a relationship based on lies, or am I? Seriously, if youíre going to lie, be prepared to accept the consequences of getting caught up in it. Iím not going to say being honest is the best route to go in every situation but at least if you man up and be honest about what you did it wonít be as bad as getting caught. All I can say about jealousy is it will measure how much trust you have for someone. The controversial part of this is that by making someone jealous it breaks his or her trust for you. Why is it this way? I donít know and Iím not bored enough to try to figure it out, thatís life, DEAL WITH IT. Be Yourself If you have to pretend to be someone youíre obviously in the relationship for the wrong reasons, my best advice is be yourself or find yourself a new girl who likes you for who you are and not so much what you can do for them. Pick Up Lines Obviously if youíre reading this youíre old enough to know when something is smart or just plain out dumb. Pick up lines are a little tricky simply because they can work for you or against you. My method for using lines is being original and saying something sweet with a little humor involved. If you compliment a girl telling her how beautiful she is and she denies it fight back, say something that makes the best word that comes to mind about her seem as if itís an understatement. Romance This is the golden rule for being in a healthy relationship. Always do your best to be romantic. Taking that extra step to show whom it is youíre with that you care about them can mean a lot more to them then just telling them you love them. They should be able to know how you feel without you ever opening your mouth. Itís always a plus to treat your girl extra special around your friends; it makes her feel like an important part of your life and also makes her feel loved.

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