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Moron cheated
just know its not your fault!!!! hes the moron seriously no one deserves to be cheated bf cheated on me and i broke up w/ him no one is guna treat me like that...i am a princess and so is every other girl out there...u deserve to be treated like one....dont get me wrong its reallllly hard to get over i cried everyday 4 the first week n a half after we broke up now i jsut cry ocasionally - we broke up 3 weeks ago- at first i wanted to get bak to gether w/ him but he didnt even have the desency to talk to me about it or say anything i told i knwo he cheated and i was breaking up w/ him n all he did was got up and walked away n that was the end of him...soooo my final pt is hes an asshole but i am SO SO much better tehn him n i will not chase him anymore hes gross makes me want to vomit so to every girl out there whos asshole bf cheated on her...1 break up w/ him 2 cry, itll make u feel better but never ever wish u can have him bak, hell jsut do it again 3 delate his number and fb the more u look at it the more upset ull be trust me i know unfortionaly k i can go on 4 hrs but really just know u deserve a good guy/girl u are a princess!!!!!!

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