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Have you ever loved sum1 so much all you wana do is see them happy all you wana do is make them happy no matter how bad it hurts you have you ever asked your self why you love them so much yet again you feel they dont love you back have you ever cried many nights just thinking about the promises you made to each other have you ever tried to explain your love to them and how bad it hurts but you just cant because you are afraid you will lose them has your lover ever told you his still in love with his Ex and wants you to understand tellin you he likes both of you, yet again you still love him and cry out for him have you ever wondered if he even thinks about you have you ever stopped and thought for a second you need to move on but your deeply in love and cannot let him go have you ever felt like no one understands why you love him have you ever sat down and thought if he cares for you...ringin his phone non-stop while his with his ex telling you to call back later and all you do is cry alone with no shoulder to cry on have you ever felt invisible just thinking about your love for him and how he never seem to notice it your friends tell you to move on and that he is no good for you but you go death and ignore them have you ever been hurt so bad you dont kno what to do but cry have you ever questioned why he stoped saying i love you too yet again he says he loves you when he knows u have been crying does he really love me? does he care? does he want me? IM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY WHO IS MY EX FROM 2YEARS AGO HE CHEATED ON ME THEN WE BROKE UP THEN HE CAME BACK TO ME AND I TOOK HIM BACK HE CHEATED AGAIN AND TOLD ME HE WAS GOING TO BE A DAD FOR SUM OTHR GIRL...IT HURT SO BAD I SET HIM FREE AND LET HIM BE HAPPY WITH HER BUT HE CAME BACK AND NOW THE STORY IS ALL COMING BACK ITS LIKE IT WILL ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS.....AM I A FOOL FOR TAKING HIM BACK THAT MANY TIMES AND YET AGAIN I STILL LOVE HIM

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