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if you have a crush on her,
note: the girl should know you. do this if you feel you have a chance or you like her badly Get your friend who is trustworthy and who knows you like her. This friend should be friends with the girl as well. Tell your friend to blindfold her and bring her to the corner or wall of the room. If she asks why, give her reasons that it is a secret or a surprise. You, hold her hands firmly but gently and not painful. Do not scare her. hold her hands so that when you kiss her, she would not be easily able to take off her blindfold. Next, give her a kiss, but close your lips first. Do not make this kiss too hastily... this is your first kiss... A.If she pulls away... whisper slowly, 'Shh' reassuring it's okay... or whisper, 'it's fine'... If you feel she's trusting you or agreeing, show her that you are serious about this kiss. This time, kiss her lips, ONE SHOT ONLY, meaning you should leave your lips there, not letting go for a few moments. if she kisses back, slowly let go of her hands and continue this kiss, maybe leaning on the wall, or anything. after kissing, she will be the one to take off her blindfold because she likes it... and is curious who you are. B. If she doesn't kiss back, you lose her... just whisper, 'okay.... you know, i really like you.... i love you' then let go of her hand and then, you gently take off your blindfold... be sincere and serious about everything you say. stare at her eyes warmly, showing that you love her her ... good luck...

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