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Other things pissed them off
usually something happend to make them unkinky. trouble at work, some kinda problem that happened. or that they feel neglected and vengeful. usually denial of sex is a side reaction to those social problems. see women unlike men, actually like all their problems to be solved and then they feel like maybe they could be in the mood. but men postpone everything so its second nature to postpone things, and not worry about it. but women worry about dum things too much. 'what about work, did i do a good job' 'how is jenny feeling, is she ok?' etc. Personally i think alot of the times they are jus stalling because they jus dont wanna do it. either they are sore, tired or not in the mood. and worse they treat u like dogs they say 'stop it, dont, im not interested.' its so bs, they jus want more. u know that type of girl, she complains but doesnt mean it, and when u actually stop, she gets mad that u quit givin her loving. 'whyd u stop, did i do somethin wrong?' see. thats what im talkin about. dont stop when she idly complains, girlies do that too often and not mean a dam thang. but do know when she is too serious, dont wanna get slapped. that means u went too far and pissed her off. its like a race, u wanna get there but alive, not in trouble. and there is always makin it up to her. thats always beent the name of the game. make her happy.

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