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Understand each other very well
After 4 plus years datin the same person AND LIKING THEM ESPECIALLY IN THE SEX AND TALKING AND SOCIAL CHEMISTRY AREAS, THATS HOW THEY BECOME SOULMATES. IF U dont have that association, forget it, a relationship should flow like water thru a fountain. easy. if its more work than its worth and she constantly giving u crap and never likes u, forget it, thats hard time like jail, dont stay with that if u are single and she isnt married to ya. better find someone less bitter. so know the difference, because thats the basis of soulmates, understanding, u get so hi chemistry together u practically dont have to say too many words. thats ideally the scenario. to be a soulmates is that both sides know each other very well, their likes, dislikes, their needs, wants, etc. by the time u are a soulmate with a woman, she already heavily like u and u heavily like her, u practically cant do no wrong. u tend to be almost the same person. u ever see those couple people whom wear the same clothes, soulmates. its jus one of the various stages leading to serious commitment and then marriage. goodluck, =R.

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