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cheating,lying girlfriends
i was with my girlfriend for over 2 years. we lived together practically that whole time and had our ups and downs but overall was a good relationship.towards the end she started hanging out with other people more often than hanging out with me. she came home one day and told me she had lost feelings for me,still loved me but didnt want to be with me.we took one last shower together packed her things and she moved out.5 days later she tells me the day she came home and broke up with me she had sex with some guy.then came home and showered and cleaned up with me in the shower with her,which grosses me out.the day after we broke up she stayed in a hotel room with a completely different guy and has now been dating him for 2 weeks and they are living together.her personality completely changed and i feel like the girl i fell in love with has died and this new person is someone i have never known.she calls me all the time asking about comments on my myspace from random females.she doesnt think i should be talking to any one yet.i dont either because i havent even had time to deal with the break up let alone everything else that came crashing down within the first so lost but have made up my mind.i know her relationship right now is just a rebound relationship and i can see she feels guilty but is trying to hide my gut i think she is pregnant and am wondering which of us three will be the father.i know when her and her new fling split she will try to come back to me and i will have to do the hardest thing ive ever had to do by saying no. my advice which i probably shouldnt be giving right now in my state of mind but my advice would be that if anything like this ever happens to anyone else jus try to completely get rid of the person in your mind and life and move sure down the road we may become friends again but as of right now im so hurt it will take a long time.

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