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Tips for you Guys- Shy Girls
Okay... Some girls just don't have the guts to come out and break the ice themselves. If a girl is in your class, try asking her about what the home work was. If you're both in the band together (or something to that extent) you can ask 'Did you hear when the next practice is?' Get to know her. If she starts loosening up around you, and saying hi in the halls you can be pretty sure that she's at least comfortable. And make sure that you are being yourself. Seriously... Girls really do hate it when they think they are talking and befriending one person only to find out that that person is someone is completely different. A Hint That A Girl Might Like You- Shy girls might give you a quick glance. Her friends might start asking you questions, or looking at you from their table at lunch. She might look a bit uncomfortable when she's around you. This next one goes for all girls- If her behavior changes while she's around you (a more soft spoken girl might start speaking loudly, an out going girl who you can hear half way across the room might suddenly go dead silent when you pass by her) it's a pretty clear sign that she likes you.

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