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best kiss ever!
the most memorable kiss me and my boyfriend has was not naughty and hot, but sweet and sentimental. we were at a party in the back yard. it was dark and the stars were beautiful. he looked me in the eyes, and started to lean in slowly. when his lips reached mine we lip locked for a few seconds, then he began to slowly open his mouth and slide his tongue in. His hands were perfectly placed at my lower back, he would caress my back and occasionally put his hand on my face. he kissed my neck (major turn on)then resumed french kissing me. this lasted a while, then when we pulled away he looked me in the eyes and whispered 'I love you baby.' he put his hand around my waste and led me to the trampoline. he sat on it and i laid down wiht my head on his lap looking at the stars. (this next part as my favorite) we sat here looking at the stars and chatting for a while, then randomly he leaned down and softly kissed me. the best kiss of my life. a soft lip lock.

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