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Tongues (for guys and/or girls)
So when it comes to tongues there just some things that people need to work on. 1. Variety. 2. Intensity. The variety is probably THE most important part. If you do the same thing every time, where the fun in that? Throw something unexpected and new in every once and awhile. It'll drive your partner craaazy never knowing what to expect. Next, the intensity. Some people play hard. Others like soft. I believe a heathly mix is the right way to go. Alternate between soft and hard. If you like starting tough right off the bat, go for it but then kind of back off. Make them come and get it. On the other hand, if you like starting soft, tease them. Stay soft because it'll eventually make them go mad wanting more. When they're about to give up hope on it being anymore passionate, give it all you got. And for you people of habit? don't stick to a certain pattern. Its better to be adventurous. Hope I helped. Sorry its a bit of a long read.

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