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why i love
I love you because youmake me happy I love you because youmake me feel safe andsecure I love your smile I love the way you saymy name I love the look in youreyes when you tell meyou love me And how you laugh atme when I do somethingstupid, when otherswould put me down. I love the fact that whenI'm around you I can bemyself and not worry about what you maythink of me, because Iknow you love me forwho I am. No matter what myfaults may be. I love being able to wakeup with you by myside... It makes my days better At night I love watchingyou sleep, hearing youtake each breath, and feeling your heart beatwith the palm of myhand... reality hits thatyou are not a dream YOUARE MINE. I love the way you wrapyour arms around meand hold me really tight,like there is no tomorrow And I love the way I feelwhen your lips barelytouch mine for a kiss,the love and emotions thatgo through me at thatmoment areunexplainable. I love your laugh I love hearing your voice I love that you get alongwith my family andfriend, no matter howmuch you dislike them, or whothey are. And hearing you tell meyour stories, you couldtell them to me athousand times, and I will neverget tired of them,because they are a partof you. But the main reason Ilove you is because..... You are you!

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