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Always look your best
I know its been mentioned about 15 times already but ill be more specific. You know all the times (when you were together) when you did your hair in a way that made him say oh my god babe you look beautiful. (or something along those lines) do your hair that way when you know you are going to see him. Same with your makeup. Dont make it look like you are trying to hard either. When starts to look at you in the way when he was first falling for you ( youll know what i mean) he ll be staring at you. Try not to make eyecontact because when you he will probably look away. Then when you look away he will be looking at you. Dart your eyes towards him and catch him looking at you. If he does'nt say anything, smile and walk away, if he does say something ( he'll probably say what going from my past experiance or he'll realise what he has been missing amd pay you a compliment) this method works best in the office or at work where can always look your best without it looking like you're trying too hard .

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