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to get them back
there's no sure way of getting your ex back, problem is as years pass by people change and sometimes they dont change together. if you look at the person you and your ex are now compared to the way you were when you first met there's all kind of things which are not the same. if you want your ex back the first thing you need to do is make sure you truly know who you are, being with someone else often makes you take in there thoughts and opinions so you need to know where you stand with yourself. get your self a back bone, get some attitude and always look good. dont keep ringing or calling your ex, there probably finding themselves too, but dont completely ignore them, you want them to know that this was the best idea and you feel that being in the relationship with them made you act differently and now you can be more yourself, this will make them curious. they fell in love with you for a reason, you need to make them rembember that reason. try to remember the great begining you had and bring back the spark, show them what they are missing, at the end of it if you dont get your ex back at least you get yourself back.

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