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Five Great Tips! :)
5. Smell and look great. Don't go overboard with the perfume OR makeup ladies! Keep It simple. Makeup can be dark if you and the guy are like goth or emo though. 4. Laugh at his jokes! Even if they suck or are really cheesy, just to be kind. It also makes them feel funny and maybe confident to say stuff around you! 3. Be flirtacious! Always flirt a little. Keep it cool and simple, like touch his arm or softly punch him of something like that. 2. Eye contact is key! Keep eye contact for a few seconds, maximum 5, and then look away, down, or do what you were doing before! Guaranteed to work. 1. Smile! It attracts people. Whether its a straight or crooked smile, it'll grab his attention! Keep it real! These tips should work, they got me my boyfriend! :) Good Luck!

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