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Did your partner break up with you? Do you want him/her back? I KNOW HOW TO PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTONS. This is my story: Last Xmas my bf broke up with me. Just DAYS before Xmas eve... We had 'struggeled' for about a month and he was never home because of work (we lived 2gether)... He was traveling the country with so called 'glamour-models'...Was I jealous/insecure? Indeed. We had our argues, but I never ever thought he actually would break it...He did. Well, guess what I did? I tried to get him back immidiately. I was crying, asking why, begging, promised to change... But NO. The more I tried, the more I distanced him. During this horrible process I found out he had 'met somebody'... That really hurt, it had only gone a week or two since the break up. He told me to move on. He REALLY didn't want me. This is what led HIM back to ME. MY PLAN WAS FOLLOWING AND I REALLY STUCK TO IT: 1. NO CONTACT what so ever from your side. Try to avoid msn/facebook/myspace. If he doesn't call you in 30 days, then call him. 2. a) HE CALLS - Be polite and smile while talking to him (you sound happier if you do) Talk for MAX 5 min! Say you have to go and say you'll call back. Then don't call back! Remember: don't mention the break up and don't tell him everything you do -be mysterious. If he wants to meet you, say you're busy and suggest another date for the meeting. 2. b) HE DIDN'T CALL IN 30 DAYS. Call him and make it sound like you just wanna 'catch up'... Suggest an innocent meeting (bowling/go to a cafeteria) 3. THE MEETING!!! - quick hug - look your best! delicious! (but not overdone) - wear his favourite scent (and some pheromone perfume) - smile lots! - don't tell him all about your life and what you're doing. - don't mention the break up!! - be cool, don't ask him too much about everything - before you say goodbye, SAY THIS: 'if you're not careful, you'll lose me forever' TURN AROUND, WALK AND DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT LOOK BACK. This worked for me. In 15 minutes after I left him by that café door, I got a text message where he said he liked me and didn't want me to disappear. Before step 2, we hadn't spoken for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks of complete silence he called. Those 3 weeks were painful for me and I wanted to call him every day...But I went with my plan... Here we are today -nearly a year after the break up -in love and happier than ever before. I MANAGED. YOU'LL MANAGE TOO!!!! It's all psychological.

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