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Dr. Coolthwhip wanths to sthare histh thecret
'Freind' is the base of any realationship. Any lower, and it might possibly spazz out of control, blow-up, and be awkward. Freinds love hugs, and especialy freinds with a still growing realationship. If they have the same thought, they will folllow your actions and do the same. If your still at the 'You Thinkin What I'm Thinkin...' stage, try to always stay on the same page with eachother. If someone goes to far off a steady track, they could get last place. Physical contact is crucial should be taken with caution. Boys can be scared off easily, and that's why I try to keep at they're level, yet not letting them take me over. Don't be soooo loose that they'll just take you and your body for granted. Your not an iPod, so don't let use you like one. Every girl has character, so respect the space. Start with simple hugs. Tickling is common for showing you want more in, but your still fun and freindly. Share jackets, and link arms. Two of my most succesful ideas. Even if the realationship doesn't go as far as planned, remember there are lots of other people that want this, and you still have a great freindship with a guy or girl that includes all of it.

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