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Don't just dump the person with no explanation.
To dump someone without so much as a phone call is insensitive, cowardly and immature. It shows an utter lack of disrespect and insensitivity towards the other person. Imagine finding out you have been 'dumped' and not knowing it for days. All the while, you are trying to call, e-mail and/or text message this person who seems to have dropped off the earth. Breaking up is difficult anyway, when it is done correctly, which means in person, without arguing. To dump someone leaves that person wondering what he/she said or did wrong or whether he/she wasn't attractive enough, etc. Chances are that person will get the wrong idea and will be far more devastated by this method of breaking up than if you had cared enough to do it in person. Don't be a jerk and dump someone because you are too immature to do it right.

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