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difference between i love you and im in love with you
is there a difference between telling some one i love you and telling them your in love with them? i believe so... and this is why. when you were a kid every night before you went to bed you told your mother, father, grandmother, or who ever took care of you during your childhood 'i love you' so i believe telling a girl or guy you truely do love them is not fully expressed through the words i love you because you say i love you to family and friends.. but.... on the other hand there is only one person (atleast i hope) that you can tell them that you are completely in love with them... this shows them that they mean the world to you.. maybe you say it to a boyfriend or girlfriend or fiance i dont know... but you are not in love with this person just because you love them... being in love with somebody means you want them in your life more than just as a boyfriend or as a girlfriend... you want them in your life as that and as a best friend. as somebody you can turn to when you are having struggles in life. some one you know you can always look to for help with anything in your life.. some one you would die to help them out... some one you would give up so much just to make them happy to see them smile.... and to be with them... sure it is possible to be in love with a 2nd person after losing the first but no matter how in love you are with that second person it will never seem as good as the first person you fell in love with because the first time you fall in love you feel as if you dont ever want to hold any one else you want them to be there in your arms for ever.. that you want to make them your world and never let them go... that they are more important to you than all your friends.. that is the true meaning of being in love with some one maybe your opinion is different but in my opinion i love you and i am in love with you are two totally different areas of a relationship with some one you care about... ilyth and if i had a choice to cancel out everything else in life i would drop it all for you.. because you mean more to me than anything in this world...

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