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Getting 'You' Back
After having my heart broken numerous times and wondering why me after every time, I finally came to the conclusion that so many people (like myself) was living my life for someone else. I forgot who I was and only focused on them. So when the break up happened I basically freaked out and begged and cried. Of course the worst thing to do. I am beginning to realize that instead of worrying how to get them back, i need to be working on myself and making myself happy so that when and If we get back together I know that it will last. The saying is so true, 'You can only love someone else when you love yourself'. If you have to beg for someone back then you are giving them all of your self worth. Try rebuliding the relashionship you had with yourself. Having self esteem is such an attractive feature on a girl!! I have read numerous advice saying to go out and get your hair done and buy a new outfit. Why? Your boyfriend doesnt care about your clothes. He just wants the girl back that he fell in love with. The confident girl that laughed and had a blast. Try to find her.

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