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When Best friends leave painful scars in you life
I just wanted to write everything out to get it off my chest. I am a seven-teen year old boy that had so much stuff blow up in my face at once. One of them was my first love cheating on me with my best friend. I was young, but it really doesn't matter. After i found out i had terrible pain that never left my chest. Its almost been one year and it comes back time to time. I am still dating this girl and sometimes i think in my head 'she F%@#ED your best friend Jesse what are you doing!' but then i think about the good times. I have so much anger built up in side. but yet i still don't show it. In fact i hate living at my dads house and i often lived in a park. feeling useless because the only one who brightened me up cheated on me. Before this all happened me and my best friend were hanging out for three days having fun. Then i go away then.... she even dumped me on MSN. She dated him for five days then broke up. They only had sex once but she lost her virginity. To make it worse my friend even laughed at me with his friends and to himself. He trys to say sorry friends leave scars my tip is life sucks right now i am travailing and lost. i have been from areas like Barrie, ON, Sudbury,ON,Quebec,Ottawa. Im lost because of one thing in my life and now no one wants to help me out.

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