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ALOT LIKE LOVE I only want to tell you exactly how I feel the feelings that I have for you Iím sure that they are real love is when ur soul dies to combine with mine so lets petit bordeux die just a little and not leave wat we have behind like exploring the world once u go home things will never be the same so donít give up on what we have make room and rearrange I promise I can be exactly wat u need... just tell me the truth do u really love me Just because U werenít hurt dosenít mean u shouldnít bleed Love is me dying a little inside everytime u leave your anything and everything Love is nothing more then wat you make it so letís live for now and stop trying to fake it if u love me donít say it Iíll Know ur saying 'I LOVE U' like ur the one who dosnít know stop trying to convince urself that ur in love with me leave all the inhibitions behind and please just stay and see the freedom to feel attached no matter how far ur apart the stoping of time to stel that personís heart love canít be defined but is not blinded from the start because Love sees all the unexplainable affection we feel for each other our love never gets left behind even when u Love another love is being on the phone with u and not saying a word or Iím talking about nothing still what I say is heard Love is when u look at me and I feel like iím on fire burning with the flames of my true hearts desire Love is when I know that itís over and weíll never be again but I canít help but hope we could at least still be friends Love is leaving behind freedom so u can be imprisoned so invision a perfect world where everything is fair where we have found this love that can always be shared where we have these feelings and we own them Love is calling your phone and not minding if I get the voice mail because I just wanted to hear ur voice donít tell me that u love me just stay with me and forget the world because those three words are used to much their not enough so donít tell me that u love me with ur actions just let me know and Iíll hold on to u forever and never let you go ---BY:Amari Thomas

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