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Trick/Playful Letter
If you and your partner are in school together (normally a good idea for middle school to high school students) take a small sheet of paper and write the way you feel for them. Whether it be 'I love you' or 'I can't live without you' write something sweet down. It doesn't have to be long normally just a quote. After the bell rings for you to go to your next class find him/her and tell them you found a letter about someone talking about them. Normally they'll urge you to let them have it; You can either let them have it, or for the more playful types you can tease them with it and not let them have it at 1st. (option 2 give you more of a physical contact ;) ) Give it to them and they'll practically rip it open to see what it says. When they read it they'll probably think that it was the sweetest thing anyones ever done for them :P See..I'm cool like that ;)

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