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I Love The Skin That He Is In
I Love The Skin That He Is In By: Gendaya - June.28/07 One day he found me accidentally He saw my profile and a picture of me He liked what he read, he liked what he saw His first impression was so real and raw He thought I was pretty so he IMíd me This accident became fate and destiny I decided to not look at his profile Absorbing personality is more my style After learning a little of the person within I exposed my eyes to a picture of him Amazed I was by the beauty of his face Meshing of minds but from opposite race My skin is called white and his is called black Two ends of the spectrum, opposites attract What counts the most is our spirits are similar Our souls somehow meshed together forever His kindness and beauty are like no other He must have been raised by a beautiful Mother Donít call us a sin because we joined our skins In this battles of wits you will never win He worries greatly of tribulations That our colors will bring us consequences Love knows no boundaries and plays no games My love for him will never carry shame His color gave me a belly of butterflies At the same time he described it as vibes The hands of this man shines of two colors His palms are pink like hibiscus flowers Known is a fact that colors attract The prettiest of clash is white with black It is proven each day in the faces of babies With him by my side I am truly a lady

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