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A guy wants a few main things: 1). He absolutely wants honesty. Even if its a question to if you like another guy more than him... It will make him respect you 100x more and know that its an honest friendship/relationship/etc. 2). He wants a physical relationship. Honestly, theres no perfect guy out there who doesn't have sexual activities on his mind AT ALL. I mean... It depends on how much he loves you. If hes in it for sex, he will ask right away. If he actually loves you, he will wait, and ask what pace you want to take it at. 3). Don't hang out with a group of guys. He may hide it, but if you're the only girl in a group of guys going out somewhere, and he isn't not part of the group, the jealous factor kicks in ten fold and he may be secretly angry at you. 4). DO NOT EVER FLIRT WITH OTHER GUYS IN FRONT OF HIM. I can't say it enough. He probably won't give you a kiss goodbye or talk to you in the usual manner if you show affection with other guys in front of him. It's even worse if it's not in front of him and he finds out about it. 5). Try scheduling some time to hang out. Don't make him ask 24/7 when you want to hang out. It gets old and makes him feel like he is forcing you to hang out with him. 6). Try not to have you're bestfriend be a guy... Unless the guy is gay. It can make the guy a tiny bi jealous, but not enough to worry about or ruin a relationship. 7). Don't force him to be with you instead of the guys a lot. It's one thing if you want to spend time with him on you're birthday, but thats you're birthday, not his. If he chooses to hang out with you for a little bit during the day and then go out or hang out with his buddies during night, the worst thing you can do to him is forbid him to hang with the guys. This can get him stupid remarks from his friends such as being 'whipped' and being called a pussy or something. 8). Trust him. Don't make him put one of his close friends who is a girl lower on his myspace or something. 9). Do not expect him to contain 100% of the information you tell him. Especially at younger ages guys can forget about birthdays and the song playing at your first date.

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