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Are You Hurting?
To you out there who are hurting..that heavy pain in your chest? I know it only too well and I have some really good advice..Breathe, it gets better, every second that passes is a second you have survived that pain. Drain the colors out of the pictures that are replaying in your head again and again. Just for a second think of time you were happy b4 you met your partner..and don't say there isn't one, it makes u feel better if for a moment. Now change something, move something even if you change his/her name in your phone, move the furniture just anything thats it now.. remove their free of them for just a while so you can feel the emotion inside yourself. That pain you feel in your chest is just triggered by the emotion you are feeling right now anger, sadness, loss, grief, betrayal. Acknowledge it. Take a another breath and know that you deserve not too feel this pain, you are beautiful as an individual, you are you and that person has taken you for granted you may feel like you have lost something but believe me you have just found have just found your inner strength..Be proud, not sad take a few days to yourself to think things over do what feels right to you that inner voice that comes from your heart that tells you the way to go..sometimes in life the hardest path to choose is usually the right are strong, have some 'me' time and let them wait for you. You can do breathe.

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