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makingout. for girls and guys.
for girls: always start by kissing his bottom lip try moving your tongue in a circular motion around his glide your tongue past his lower lip move on to his neck and kiss gently, then blow a little or breathe on it then go in for the sucking kiss his earlobe *THEY WILL GO CRAZY FOR THIS* start kissing down his chest using a little bit of tongue then get to his belly and use your tongue to lift it up. if you want to kiss his lips but you don't wanna make the first move then kiss his forhead, cheek, nose, eyes, or the corner of his mouth play with his hair and hands whisper his name play footsie while on top rub your groin against his make a circle, kiss lips, chin, jaw line, ear lobe, or in reverse breathe into his mouth from time to time after kissing on top of him slide down and rest your head on his shoulder, he'll like putting his arms around you and feeling protective scratch up and his back, his shoulders, his arms, don't be afraid to scratch hard if he's laying holding you close grab his hand and move it near your chest smile while he's on top rap your leg around his waist hold his leg between yours and pull up to your crotch after a while both you and him will start feeling how much you want each other. for guys: don't be afraid to nibble a little, it will make her more adventures if you want her on top of you - while she's laying on her back lean over and kiss her, after the kiss gets more passionate and she's leaning over too move your hand slowly up her leg and grab her butt play with her hands if you trace the inside of her arm repeatedly while kissing her she will get chills rub your nose against hers, kiss it. it will make her feel special compliment her x10 if she's tired then it's massage time, she'll pay you back later. if she arches her back it either means get on top or massage her breast after frech kissing for a while rapidly move the tip of your tongue against hers, very memorable breathe heavily against her ear and moan play with her hair frequently laugh from time to time suck on her lips, gently hold her lips or tongue between your teeth and suck make a circle, kiss lips, chin, jaw line/neck, ear lobe, or in reverse after massaging her hands or feet kiss them gently run your tongue against the roof of her mouth kiss her upper lip then hold tight with your lips and move your face closer, usually leaving her moaning or breathless lay on her chest for a nap, she'll love and you'll get a nice scalp massage if your just cuddling her close breathe on her back and kiss her neck kiss her cheek passionately to see if she wants to move on to lips she always wants you to lay close to her if you wanna try something new never be afraid to ask if you like something growl or moan, she'll remember kiss up or down her arm DON'TS: randomly touch or squeeze her butt or breast if you aren't kissing, if massaging then do it very sparingly, keep hinting you wanted to go further afterwards, say i love you for the first time while making out, have her on top more often

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