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She cheated and I caught her
First I'd get text messages from her saying 'If my parents call, I'm with you.' I've tried to trust her, I know that trust is VERY important, but when I saw her texting an old co-worker we both used to work with, I asked her if she still talked to him and she said, 'Roy? No, that was joe. From... keyboard class.' Roy was the projectionist from the theatre we met at. He's a senior citizen who has polio AND A WIFE! She went to his house and had dinner with him and his wife. My gf told her parents that she could possibly move in to a garage apartment they have (which they really don't have, she just wanted to spend time with her new bf). I knew the real secret, and I wouldn't let her stand for it. I emailed her the most hateful things I've ever said to let her know how I really feel. I also sent emails to her parents, because more then likely she lied to them about why we broke up. I also sent an email to Roy himself. I'm just short of calling Roy, because he's shut down his email address, more then likely an attempt to avoid more hate mail. I've moved on, but I felt I had to stand my ground. Cheating is a very in-humane thing. You have to either be in a bad relationship (which you should just break up and end it) or you're a selfish, inconsiderate, cruel bitch. I loved this girl, I had a ring bought for her and everything. She was already wearing my promise ring. But for 6 months she kept having an emotional (or non-physical) relationship with this old bastard.

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