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Spiderman :)
I know this one has already been posted..but i have another spin on it.. now, unless you have a webslinging boyfriend...heres another way of mastering the upside down kiss from spiderman... it works best if on a couch, bed or futon. in a chair is kind of uncomfortable while leaning back. if your guy gets up, lay down, but leave enough room so he can sit on the couch too. then when he comes back to sit down grab his hand with one hand and use your other one to gently touch his face and bring it down towards yours. boys..kneel by her head and gently lean forward and begin kissing. first start with a little kiss, gently touch her lips. keep your eyes closed, it can look a little strange if you open them. then begin to french, gently suck on her toung or lips, and hold her face in your hand. if you want you can then spin around and get on top and take it from there ;)

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