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I want my ex back.. now
We'd been together almost six months, and then, three days before the date of the half year, he texted me ending it, so i rang him telling him how cruel that was and we argued for two and a half hours after never having a single arguement whilst we had been together. It broke my heart to lose him, and im still in pieces over it, as it was only three days ago. We are both 16, but i really did think this would last, as we started off best friends, and he seemed like a really decent guy. He even lost his virginity to me, and they say that the person you lose that to always stays in your heart somewhere (unless it was a mistake). Well i desperately want him back, but i'm not going to show him that, i think the best idea is to just change your appearance somehow, like a fresh start, i'm going to go blonde next week :) And then just have a good time with your friends, they are there for you and they love you, they will understand what you're going through at this time. Meanwhile when walking past your ex, just glance or say hi, sometimes its better even not to look, because if you look at him and he doesn't look back it will tear at your heart. I'm going to get my ex back no matter what. It might seem pathetic but god knows, i need something positive to focus on rather that concentrating all my efforts into crying like i did for the first night.

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