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To someone that used to be part of my life.....
We have been together for almost 3 year of being best friend and two years of relationship.i REALLY appreciate the love that you gave me for almost 2 years.You are my fist love.A lover that will never replace by anyone else.It is completely different when you are not around. I don't know why we are no longer an item.I'm really sad thinking about it each and everyday day but maybe in life u could never get what you want but just let the memories teach you a lesson in the future.Hazril Izwan,to be honest i have try to move on but i cant afford to find a guy like you.The one who cares deeply about me.They are all different.I know my mistakes ,being such a control gf,but i did it for us, for u.I don't like you to be a drunker.I don't like when you 're start lying to me,it hurts.It even hurts when everything you wanted to do u will never ask me.but when it happened to will get really mad and even control me because im a girl.that is not fair.but i just want you to know that being with you is the sweetest thing that happened in my life. i will never ever hates you even though u start it first.i still remember when u said to me that you seeing someone else i was so depressed until i got an car has gone but luckily i'm safe. FROM THAT MOMENT I FEEL STUPID!!N REALIZE HOW STUPID I AM BEING WITH A HORRIBLE GUY LIKE YOU.YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT!! YOU THE MOST CRUEL PERSON I EVER KNOWN!! U EVEN LAUGH AT ME WHEN I CALLED U TELLING THAT I GOT ACCIDENT!! FIND I KNOW YOU HAVE A NEW GF NOW SO WHAT?? HELLO U EVEN CALLED ME WHEN UR HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH UR NEW GF TELLING ME THAT I'M STILL THE BEST AND I'M THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN UR LIFE?!?!!? WHATS THAT? GO AND GET A LIFE!!I HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE NOW!! MY FRIENDS AND MY FAMILY LOVE ME MORE THAN U DO.HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU SUCKS! FIRST OF ALL NEVER EVER REGRET ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP. - LOVE YOUR SELF FIRST.TRUST ME IT WORTH IT. - U DON'T NEED A BF TO MAKE YOU HAPPY YOU NEED A MAN..A TRULY MAN IN YOUR LIFE. - BE AS NICE AS YOU CAN TO EVERYONE.SHOW THAT YOU ARE LIKABLE TO EVERYONE. - DON'T U MAKE HIM JEALOUS,LET IT BE A NATURAL JEALOUS - DON'T BOTHER ABOUT HIS LIFE..IT IS SUCH A WASTE.!! - SMILE SMILE SMILE.REMEMBER GOD.THAT'S IMPORTANT. - HAVING YOUR MUM AS UR BEST FRIEND /GF OR BF. - START BEING A SINGLE WITH 'LIFE'. - STAY BEING ALONE. TO ALL THE NEW SINGLE GIRLS TRUST ME..SHOW THEM U ARE HAVING A GREAT LIFE THAN BEFORE.DON'T NEED TO REBOUND OR FIND LOVE.LET LOVE FIND YOU.WHILE WAITING AIM FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT SUCH AS A GOOD CAREER.FOR ME I'M DOING WELL IN MY STUDY.NO ONE CAN DISTURB ME.DON'T LET ANYONE CONTROL YOUR LIFE OR RUIN IT AGAIN.=)

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