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a crazy story of a break- up
i did something very crazy to my ex boyfriend i lied to him and told him i had a baby and the baby that i told him i had was my cousins baby i was so scared to tell him i lied when i started falling in love with him because i thought he was going to leave me alone so i let the lie keep going and was still saying things to him to make him think i was really true. one day he found out i messed with someone he knew and he broke up with me he wouldn't listen to nothing i had to say because i lied to him and told him that i never had sex with another man so to get him back i lied to him and told him that my baby died and 2 days later my babys daddy died and you know what i got him back after that i still i still didn't tell him but guess what he found out and now he it very hurt he told his friends he even called and told my mother i felt so imbarrassed and crazy but i only did it to keep him in my life but this it crazy there's a twist to the story and he helped me realize it one day i called his baby mom cause he had a baby and i had one of my friends call and act like me she accidently said to her that he never told me he never had a child and that made her mad and him mad now she's saying she wants to put him child support. the truth is all along i was jealous because he had a child by another female and i wanted to have a baby by him but when i was talking to him baby's mom she said that they were still having sex i was so mad to hear that my man had done something to me like that instead of thinking how i felt about him i broke up with him but it was crazy all that time i lied about having a baby saying she died doing crazy things but i broke up with him thats crazy and he helped me realize it i really really really loved this boy i still do i wasn't trying to hurt him i just wanted to keep him in my life i knew eventually the truth was going to come out and me not thinking knowing that the truth always hurts when you here it from other people i didn't tell him was i thought he might have done i was scared of rejection i made a mistake but i learned from it NEVER EVER LIE TO ONE THAT LOVES YOU now my life is just empty without him and i feel that i have no one i never lied to a boy like i lied to him because i never cared about a guy like i did him DOES IT MEAN I DON'T LOVE HIM BECAUSE I LIED TO HIM? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME because i still feel that i still love him because of all the things i done to him now i am so sorry i ever did but you always make mistakes and do wrong thins thats part of life you have to learn and get back up and try it again and do it diffrent to all women in the world WHEN YOU FIND THAT ONE THAT CARES ABOUT YOU DONT TO HIM LET HIM LOVE YOU AND DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID TO HURT HIM BECAUSE THEIRS ALWAYS PAY BACK.

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