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BaS boisz r stupid dhis boii named...umm....'bob' likes me n stff. so we go out for 3 years (on and off tho) n all of a sudden i start hearing rumors about him. so i go n comfront him, he gets mad, n a week later he breaks up with me. so im ova here crying, hoping he'll change his mind. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE...i here that he likes this girl that i HATE...n on top of that.....THEY'RE ABOUT 2 GO OUT! i cry even more, try 2 get over him but it dusnt i go do my hair, excell WAAAAAAAAYYY beyond his grade level in skool, flirt wit new boisz, NEVER call him even if i DESPRATELY wantd 2, and BELEEV IT OR NOT!.....three DAYSZ later he calls n wants 2 tlk.....i completely shut him down n tell him i have a BOY on dha other he QUICKLY calls me bacc l8r n tells mi he still has feelings 4 mi n asks me back out...i reject him n im so freakin kewl about this....(even tho i reeli wntd 2 say yes....just 2 make him no that he cant just play wit grls feelings).......den after a MONTH...he's still IN LUV with i tell him im readii....n now we r happily MARRIED...with 3 kids....TRUE STORY!.....girls....try this!

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