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I hate him
its so hard to get over some body especilly when you love them and your always wondering if they still love you.i dont really know what to say but i do now that i need help its like i hate him and then i love him at the same time i cant stand seeing him with his new girlfriend at schol everyday.its like im getting hurt everyday and its not fair i dont know what to do anymore i just want to get over him but i cant and i think that part of the reason why i cant is because i lost my virginity to him and know i feel used and betrayed i trusted him 100% and know i feel like an loner cause i gave everything to him so when i dont have him i have nothing. what do i do ?i tryed to ignor him but it dosent work i just love him so so so much i cant get over him how could he leave me for some girl that he met 2 days ago i hate him i hate him i hate him how could he do this everythig he said was a lie.!

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