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No games tell it straight
I disagree totally with these ideas, because if the ex lover did truly love there ex and he was someone worth staying with, he would see her doing these things and it might do the same in order for him to get over her completely. This strategy will generally only work for males who only think about thereselves. For instance a man that still has love for his ex (which are the only ones worth striving to get back) would feel hurt if he noticed her paying less attention and taking on more attention from other guys which in turn would make him try to play the same game and nothing would be accomplished but heart ache and never knowing what could be. Now the jealous type guys who only think of thereselves (the ones not worth getting back with) will see this and they will do anything to take her away just so that they can keep her as there little trophy. Trust me I am going through this right now. Oh yeah I am the good guy, who made the mistake of breaking up to early in fear of seeing what had always happened in the past, and she is the one who is playing your little games. Games are for children, and they only lead us to becoming someone we are not, and in turn we meet people who are not right for us!

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