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Love Letter
Me and my boyfriend had been together for about two years, two amazing years. Then he just stopped caring about things, stopped answering my calls as often and just started being a JERK. Then when he completely ignored me on valentine's day, and stood me up for a dance and asked a different girl, the same day...i made a poor choice to cheat on him. I wasn't thinking, and i will always regret that. So the past year we've been on and off. Then he started messing around with that same girl he asked to the dance, and i wasn't having it. i still loved him just as much as i ever did, but i wasn't sure if i even wanted to attempt to get him back. i wrote him a letter just talking about all the good times we had, and that i would be there for him no matter what and he can call me whenever.... guess who called me the next week saying he made a big mistake and no girl compares to me?? if you just back off for a while and remind them of good times, he will really want you back if its true.

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