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Guys and girls: don't allow sexism
Sexism, also known as patriarchy, is an integrated part of society. Men are depicted as bread winners, and woman as stover setters. It doesn't need to be this way, as this is where a lot of resentment stems from in relationships. Some common place examples of patriarchy in relationships includes (among others): 1) Guys always paying for dinner and girls having to 'pay them back' (usually with some sort of sexual favor). Men are expected to pay, but this concept isn't right. Women work too and can pay their own way, and don't have to give anything up to do it. Couples should split the costs by paying every other time. Sometimes one person's turn will fall on multiple expensive dinners, but it will all come out even in the end. 2) Men shouldn't control what the couple does. This means splitting up date-planning and deciding on activities together. Moral? One sex isn't better or worse than the other, they're merely just different. Healthy relationships are so much fun because each person adds a different perspective from a different way of thinking, and both viewpoints should be embraced by the other. If you ever find yourself disliking your S/O for unexplainable reasons, make sure you're listening to them and not stereotyping their thoughts with society's expectations.

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