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Bring up new guy
The guy I was in love with recently told me that he didn't want a relationship and just wanted to be my 'friend.' My friends said it was b/c I made myself too available to him. I was very upset, and at first I made the mistake of letting him know it. However, I realized that he got off on knowing that he had control over me; I was too into him and he knew it! I started to not answer my phone when he called. About 2 months afterwards, he called me for a ride (at 2am on a Thursday!) home from a party b/c he was drunk. At first I wanted to tell him to go to hell, but I had a better idea. I picked him up and instead of acting all into him and kissing his ass, I acted totally happy. I had a huge smile from ear to ear. He started talking about casual things and then asked me if i had a boyfriend. I told him I was seeing someone for a few weeks, and this new guy took me out and brought me flowers and candy (shit that asshole never did!). He looked away and said sorry I didn't take you out more. I was a real smartass (not my character, especially to him) and told him it was ok b/c I was having a blast with new guy (while still having a smile on my face ear to ear). I could tell he was jealous so I kept going. He asked me what new guy did for a living and I lied and said he was an attorney (The ex used to have insecurities about not being in a well-paid job). It has been three days, and I've heard from one of his old friends how he told him he messed up with me. Surprisingly, hurting him like this felt incredible good. I figure we're equal.

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