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People Whats All This Stuff Man! (I Say That Truly Lifes Short)
Life is Pretty Short, Like You All Going To Wake Up One Day Either Beeing 100 Years Old And That Hundred Years Went Tooooo Damn Fast Man And All You Do Then Is Look Back To The Past But Now Everyones Looking Towards The Future. So Accept My Suggestion - Everyonce Different And In a Good Way And Bad Way All We've Got Is Who We Are And Thank God Of Who We Are, And We've Got The God Giving Personality Which We Gotta Use Everywhere. So Lifes Like I Said Is'nt Long Enough To Do Things Later So Just Do Your Best Is What Was My Point Through All This... And I Say This Becuase I Read All Of The Tips Ya'll Put Down Which Does Help But All Of These Things Are Natural To Most Of Us 6 Billion Humans In This World.

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