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Don't play 'come get me' too much...
...Let me explain... It's good to let your ex know that you're not always available, especially in the beginning of the relationship. There's a huge healing process that needs to take place, as well as the loss of respect that needs to be built back up. So, while you're grabbing whatever dignity you have left up from the floor, make sure that you also remember to NOT ignore him/her totally, while trying to play 'hard to get'. Remember, if you play the game too much, he/she will think you no longer care, that you no longer find them attractive and they'll lose all of their self-esteem which will eventually fall into the category of ------rebound affairs. This is something we all fear: our exes having an affair with someone else. We can lose them totally. So, be there, not all the time, but be patient and have compassion. I'm learning a lot right now during my break up and I'm finding patterns that work. Make sure that they know you have a life - but also, invite them into your life too once in a while. It's working for me. Try it...

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