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Now I know why SOME people get sick and die
'Now I know why we get sick and die'... Wow. Your a god damn moron. Did you honestly use your brain before thinking that 'Tip' up? Humans, just like every other species on this planet is PHYSICALLY designed to be able to have sex(or procreate) at it's own rate. Humans ARE designed to have sex ALL the time...we are physically capable of it(Although I'd have to say it's not a good IDEA to.. unless your in a monogamous relationship)...but to say we aren't based on STD's to validate your claims?? Here's your sign. And to everyone else. We all know cheating is wrong. But to different people, cheating means different things. What works for one person may not work for another. But whenever two people decide to form a relationship, they should discuss the 'terms' of the relationship, and abide by them...or just walk out before hurting the other. Plain and simple. Now that aside, is there anything we can do about it? To stop cheating from happening in our lives, or those around us? Not significantly. It could happen because the other partner( male OR female) doesn't want to be monogamous... However more than likely its actually because a moment of weakness on their part.. A moment where all the stress on them was too great, and they pushed it all away for the moment, and reach for the strongest/simple emotion they are feeling at the moment.. lust, desire, etc. It could be because they just need someone THERE for them (think able the HIGH number of military spouses that cheat) In fact, I'm gonna stop there.. I could go on for days about everything I've experienced/heard/seen. My only tip, if I've got one.. Is to MAINTAIN the channels of communication. I can't STRESS it enough. Most couples just WILL NOT talk about some things. EVER. If you want to make your relationship work.. if you don't want them to cheat.. as well as other things.. COMMUNICATE, and NOT just verbally. Cheating happens mostly because of a lack of something at home.. If you communicate, that most likely wouldn't happen now would it? Because you could help/provide what your significant other needs, OR, you would realize that you two, as a couple, aren't heading down the same path anymore.. And are quite possibly still together because your AFRAID of being alone. Now, that, my friends, is it for me. I'm done ranting, lol. And for those who just want to know. Yes, I'm in a very healthy, and fulfilling relationship.

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